Belkin Home Series 4-Socket Surge Protector with Tel Protection - 2m


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 PTS  34,650
 PTS  17,150
RM 70

Product Description

1. 1,034 Joule energy rating provides standard protection for your basic electronic devices.
2. 4 Surge-protected sockets Telephone / Modem / DSL protection.
3. The Spoiler Cable System for easy and clutter free cable management.
4. BlockSpace Sockets provide room for large, AC adapter blocks, without covering an unused socket.
5. Safety Shutters help to protect users and their children; safety shutters over live and neutral ports.
6. Illuminated LEDs indicat+M6e your devices are ground and protected.
7. Filters EMI/RFI noise up to 43 dB reduction.
8. Maximum Spike Amperage of 19,500 Amps.

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