MAGGI Pedas Giler Tom Yummz

4 x 5 x 76g

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 PTS  12,300
 PTS  4,800
RM 30

Product Description

The Extra-Spicy, Extra-Shiok noodles thats hot in the market right now! Made from a great blend of crazy spicy chillies to blow your mind!

How to enjoy the SYIOKness of MAGGI Pedas Giler Tom Yummz:
Step 1
Boil 450mil water in pot.
Step 2
Add MAGGI Pedas Giler Seafood Berapi noodles Leave for 2 minutes.
Step 3
Drain water. Caution: HOT! Use with care.
Step 4
Add seasoning according to your taste preference and mix evenly.

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