Lock & Lock Decore 18CM Sauce Pan


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 PTS  142,050
 PTS  69,550
RM 290

Product Description

1. Retro design with excellent interior effect. 
2. An eye-catching vintage colour and a rounded, curved body design that becomes the point of your kitchen.
3. Lock & Lock's technology enables efficient design of the induction floor, making it faster and more even heating. 
4. The most optimized coating combination for your favourite dishes. 
5. Select and apply the most suitable coating considering the use of the pot/frying pan. 
6. Wide handle for safe use without worrying about hand burns and slipping
7. The product can be used on many different types of cookers: induction cookers, infrared cookers, gas stoves. 
8. Dimension : 38cm x 18cm x 14.6cm.

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