BRIDGESTONE GLG94J Tour B Soft Grip Glove


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 PTS  21,150
 PTS  8,650
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Product Description

Bridgestone Tour B Soft Grip gloves are made of domestic fabric, with a soft texture and durability. All weather conditions allow you to play without affecting the weather. The B mark design is designed for size adjustment parts, and the line on the upper side is switched to make a great accent for the design.

  • Excellent fit function - The main body fabric is made of domestic synthetic leather from Toray Co-Tex. Foam cell forming technology provides a soft texture and cushioning of the fabric. In addition, natural leather is used on the flip side of the thumb to improve the fit when gripping.
  • Support Comfortable Play - Elastic knit at the flex of fingers and back of hand for a great fit and breathability.  Synthetic leather body fabric is breathable to support comfortable play.
  • Durable - Reinforced palm for durability Rain and sweat resistant "all-weather type"
  • Glove Worn on Left Hand (FOR RIGHT- HANDED PLAYER)
  • Size - 22 ( S ) , 23 ( M ) , 24 ( M/L ) , 25 ( L ) , 26 ( XL )

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