PCH 150ML PPSU Bottle with Silicone S1 M


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 PTS  16,100
 PTS  6,100
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Product Description

  1. NUK No.1 Brand of bottle and teat in Germany provides you the PPSU (Polyphenytsulfone) bottle, which is EU proven, durable and high quality that make life easier for parents.
  2. NUK products are regularly tested and recomented by medical experts.
  3. Clinically tested.
  4. Bottle made from high quality PPSU.
  5. Compatible with all NUK Premium Choice+ Products.
  6. High temperature resistant 180-degree celcius.
  7. BPA free.
  8. With 2 motifs.
  9. With the tested and proven benefits of the PCH+ teat:
  • Natural and shaped for the jaw: The special NUK Shape.
  • Extra-wide lip: Provides support for a natural way of feeding.
  • Super Soft: With the new Soft Zone.
  • Less colic: Thanks to new Anti-Colic Air System.

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